Jewelry Blossom

A new twist on a classic design, the Jewelry Blossom is the first piece in our Boodle Bag Collection. Designed for caching and transporting your jewelry, with individualized pockets to safely store all of your baubles, gems, and rocks! The specially designed pockets help keep you organized and your jewelry from getting tangled. There is an added layer specifically designed to separate large pieces and in addition, can be used as a jewelry polishing cloth. The detachable layer is also a great place to add a monogram or the date of a special occasion. This style is made to fully open to give you access to all of your precious stones as well as a stylish jewelry case. Each one is constructed with seven pockets, an attached ring holder, a detachable layering piece to keep your larger showpieces separated and an elegant leather earring fob.


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  • Colors – Colors – Black Fleur Jacquard, Red & Gold Fleur Brocade, Gold Medallion Damask, Animal Prints, Opulent Yellow Stripe, Taupe Fleur Brocade
  • Exterior – Upholstery-grade fabrics
  • Interior – Soft cotton twill
  • Linings – Jewelry polishing fabric
  • Earring fob – Leather
  • Dimensions – Closed: 4” high, 7” wide, 7” deep, Open: 16” Circumference
  • $170.00 75% off $42.50

Making room for new products these are currently running 75% off, $42.50.