Jewelry Blossom In Animal Print With Eiffel Tower Lining

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The Jewelry Blossom is a boodle bag designed for storing and transporting jewelry.


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Anna Dvor’s Jewelry Blossom is a boodle bag designed for storing and transporting your jewelry, with individualized compartments to safely house necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches and earrings. The specially designed pockets and spaces keep your jewelry pieces safe from scratches and damage while its inner fabric is made of jewelry polishing cloth that gently polishes metal and gemstone surfaces during transport or moving about.

The Jewelry Blossom is made to fully open into a flat tableau for easy access to all of your jewelry pieces and makes a convenient and stylish storage and transport container while travelling or on the go.

Each Jewelry Blossom is constructed with seven pockets, an attached ring holder, a layered necklace holder and an elegant leather earring fob. The Jewelry Blossom also includes a detachable cleaning cloth that you can monogram for a personal touch or to memorialize a special event.

  • Colors – Black Fleur Jacquard, Red & Gold Fleur Brocade, Gold Medallion Damask, Animal Prints, Opulent Yellow Stripe, Taupe Fleur Brocade
  • Composition – Fabric and Leather
  • Exterior – Sturdy-but-stylish upholstery-grade fabrics
  • Interior – Soft cotton twill
  • Linings – High-grade jewelry polishing fabric
  • Earring fob – Leather
  • Dimensions – Closed: 4” high, 7” wide, 7” deep, Open: 16” Circumference