News & Notes is our page to share with you new things that are going on with our line. New styles, fabrics, pop up events. . . it’s just simply our way to stay in touch.

March 10, 2021

This past year has gone by so fast for us. Pandemic or no pandemic we always find ourselves very busy. We began producing all of our products in Texas in January of 2020 after years of being produced at a boutique manufacturer in Monterrey, Mexico.  We still spend many hours searching for the perfect fabric but we now our searching for fabrics and pieces that we can repurpose into something new & speical that you will love.  

We are currently working on a schedule of shows just through out Texas for now but hopefully soon we will be showing through out the country. 


February 22, 2020

February is the time of year when many need a vacation. Our Jones Tote is the perfect piece to take with you. The Jones tote is designed to be stylish and has plenty of room to hold all of your essentials. This durable tote has a separating zipper allowing you to keep all of your items tucked in safely or zipper free for easy access. There are two (2) exterior pockets, one on either side of the tote, perfect for your cell phone, water bottle or airline tickets. The inside lining is detachable, so you can wash it when needed or change it out for a new look. Each tote comes with two linings each having (6) slip pockets three on either side. Like I said perfect for your upcoming vacation or for those of you who travel often for work.

The next bit of exciting news we have is that we were able to purchase several machines to start manufacturing or own bags. We still have more buying to do, fabrics, trims, hardware, more machines . . . it’s a lot but of so much fun! We’ll have new styles and fabrications coming your way, soon.

January 18, 2020

Welcome to 2020, we are ready for a great year!

We have already made some big decisions. This year we will begin to manufacture our products in the U.S.A. ,more to the point, in Texas. Though we have loved working with our boutique manufacturer in Monterrey, Mexico and we will miss working closely with them, we are excited to begin something new. Our manufacturer in Mexico decided to close its doors and move to the U.S. a few months ago but things are taking longer than expected. We want to keep our line’s momentum going so we have decided to buy some machines and start making our own handbags and accessories. I’m looking forward to keeping you updated on new designs and hopefully introducing you to some new employees.

October 19, 2019

We’re just getting past our hot summer here in Texas and getting ready for fall. I love to change over to fall clothes after a hot summer. And I love carrying a bag that feels easy and carefree perfect for this busy time of year.

The Blake is a stylish, classic satchel that is easy to carry and fun to have on your arm. Just like the oldest daughter in our family, Blake is stylish, fun and easy to be around with her carefree California roots.

This is a classic satchel with the luxury of space and convenience. Our version of this classic has two slip pockets and a zipper pocket on the inside and comes with an adjustable leather shoulder strap, handles, and purse feet. This style is made to give you a luxurious, carefree feeling throughout the day.

June 15, 2019

When I first started Anna Dvor I knew I wanted this company to design bags to be feminine, fashionable and functional. I love the classics like a great frame bag. I knew starting this company wasn’t going to be easy and as those of you who have your own business know, not only was it as difficult as I thought but it was even more difficult. I have not been able to find anyone in the US that makes handbag frames. And no one wants to sell only 50 or 100 pieces. Thankfully the manufacturer I’m working with had a great solution they would make a frame for me out of leather. They did such an amazing job. Most of the bags in our line have a frame. The

first one I designed I named after my grandmother better known as “Mimi”.

It’s called the Eva.

The Eva is large enough to hold today’s necessities and includes an outside pocket on the back along with 4 slip pockets and a zipper pocket on the inside. The Eva has our signature handmade leather frame with magnetic closure. Mimi supplied us with many handbags to play dress up with as kids. It’s probably why I love this style so much.

January 26, 2019

Happy New Year!!! I hope your year is off to a promising start.

Here at Anna Dvor we are looking forward to our upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day! Across the United States and in other places around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine.

The one fact about Valentine’s that I love more than others is that an artist named Esther Howland is the one who began mass producing valentines in America around 1840. Esther became known as the “Mother of the Valentine,” she made elaborate creations with real lace, ribbons and colorful pictures known as “scrap.” I love she was industrious, creative and wanted to help others who may not have her artistic ability. It’s a great feeling to create something others will enjoy and bring happiness to their life.

The one item in the Anna Dvor collection perfect for a gift is our Jewelry Blossom. Designed for caching and transporting your jewelry, with individualized pockets to safely store all of your baubles, gems, and rocks! The specially designed pockets help keep you organized and your jewelry from getting tangled. There is an added layer specifically designed to separate large pieces and in addition, can be used as a jewelry polishing cloth. The detachable layer is also a great place to add a monogram or the date of a special occasion. This style is made to fully open to give you access to all of your precious stones as well as a stylish jewelry case. Each one is constructed with seven pockets, an attached ring holder, a detachable layering piece to keep your larger showpieces separated and an elegant leather earring fob.

October 20, 2018
Happy Fall! We’re always excited here in Texas to get a little crisp air which usually happens around this time. This is also the time we begin thinking about the upcoming holidays, specially Christmas. Not to mention we have quite a few birthdays in our family during the fall and winter months.


So we decided to share with you our favorite Anna Dvor product that will fit all the women in your life…the Alexandria. Named after my nephew, Alexander, who has been an intricate part of conveying my design ideas to others by using his innate artistic talent and designer’s education. Since this handbag is not well suited for a male name you can understand why we’ve named her Alexandria.

The Alexandria is a clutch and wallet in one. This piece is perfect for those who like to carry a small bag but still want all of the function and benefits of a larger style. With the Alexandria, you can have your cake & eat it too. It’s perfect for black tie events, weddings and evenings out as well as your daytime needs. Designed to be functional and feminine with an Urban Romantic™  feel. Our clutch offers an incredible amount of space in a small form, including 16 credit card slots, visible ID space and bill pocket within 2 separate interior sections for neatly divided and easy access to all of your items. You can carry this piece as a clutch or shoulder bag with its detachable chain strap.

My personal favorite is the gold tweed. I’m a Texas girl so I always need a little bling.

August 28, 2018

Each of the handbags we have designed has a story to tell, something that inspired us to design it and to make it in a way that gives us joy not only to carry it but also to share it with others. Our family and friends are the ones who have most inspired and encouraged us as we undertook the overwhelming obstacle of starting a design company. You will find these first collections are tributes to only a few of them as there are many more that we owe a great gratitude to. We’ve truly appreciated the encouragement and patience they have all given us while we went thru a couple of years designing, prototypes, samples, sourcing and manufacture shopping. We have finally, finalized these first collections, sourced great fabrics and are working with a wonderful couture manufacturer. While we understand we are not the first to name our designs after family and friends we felt it best to honor this tradition as others to give thanks to those that have supplied us with inspiration and encouragement to keep us moving forward.

You’ll find in many of the descriptions of our bags we’ve give a small introspective look at the person we named the bag after. We hope you will like the stories we will begin to tell and relate to them as we begin to connect with you thru our website, collections and by the bags we love to carry. We look forward to broadening our luxury line and sharing more of our inspirations with you. We hope you will enjoy not only hearing our stories, seeing our collection but experience the line for yourself.