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News & Notes

This is our area to write something fun and interesting about our line and collections. We will post different things about our inspiration for our collections as well as behind the scene shots from our photo shoots. 

August 28, 2018

Each of the handbags we have designed has a story to tell, something that inspired us to design it and to make it in a way that gives us joy not only to carry it but also to share it with others. Our family and friends are the ones who have most inspired and encouraged us as we undertook the overwhelming obstacle of starting a design company. You will find these first collections are tributes to only a few of them as there are many more that we owe a great gratitude to. We’ve truly appreciated the encouragement and patience they have all given us while we went thru a couple of years designing, prototypes, samples, sourcing and manufacture shopping. We have finally, finalized these first collections, sourced great fabrics and are working with a wonderful couture manufacturer. While we understand we are not the first to name our designs after family and friends we felt it best to honor this tradition as others to give thanks to those that have supplied us with inspiration and encouragement to keep us moving forward.

You’ll find in many of the descriptions of our bags we’ve give a small introspective look at the person we named the bag after. We hope you will like the stories we will begin to tell and relate to them as we begin to connect with you thru our website, collections and by the bags we love to carry. We look forward to broadening our luxury line and sharing more of our inspirations with you. We hope you will enjoy not only hearing our stories, seeing our collection but experience the line for yourself.